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Android Developer

Our company RemSoftDev has opened a vacancy for the position of Android Developer. 

What do we offer, you may ask.
1. Remote cooperation. Work where and how you feel comfortable
2. Competitive salary according to your skills and career opportunities
3. Full (7-9 hours a day) or partial (4-5 hours a day) employment
4. A friendly team that will be able to help and advise in case of difficulties.
5. Loyal and honest leadership
6. Perks

What we are looking for in our candidates:
1. 2+ years of experience in developing mobile technologies using Java Android
2. Excellent knowledge of OOP
3. Passion for learning, new discoveries and a desire to stay on the cutting edge of technology and new platforms
4. Understanding and experience with git and Github

RemSoft.Dev is a software development company that works completely on a remote basis with its clients and developers. We believe that distributed team is one of the greatest benefits for clients as such teams are more flexible and available when needed for customers.

You'll be advised about the best ways to accomplish your project successfully and with high quality as our developers had worked with such brands as Volvo cars, Accenture, Siemens, and others. You'll get full and reliable feedback from us regarding your project as well a professional approach to the development of your software.

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