We believe that providing high quality services is the key to success in every business.

Our team always focuses on all details of your project to give you the best solution.

You'll receive profound consulting services about your idea, project or already existing software implementation.

Web Design

Web Development

Web Solutions, which we can develop for you, will have a new modern look, will be user friendly and responsive

We are qualified in next technologies: C#, ASP.NET MVC, ASP Classic,  WCF,  Web Forms,  HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Angular. All of these and many others technologies with allow us to meet all your requirements and deliver the product of the best quality.


Desktop Development

We are able to provide you any desktop solution you need from simple application to enterprise level.

Following your requirements and application specification, through design, coding, testing and delivery, RemSoft.Dev will provide a full development-cycle following all product deliveries standartds

Mobile Design

Mobile Development

iOS and Android Mobile Applications Development.

We will develop for you different custom mobile applications of any complexity for iOS and Android devices.

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DB SQL Development and Administration

RemSoft.Dev will provide you reliability and accountability, increase coverage, reduce costs, and optimize your database environment.

For you to outsource ongoing DB administration needs, we will manage all data-entry. Our team will ensure 100% of the services required for administration and enhancing of your database environment.

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Particularly important for maintaining the viability and functionality of the business are 3 factors - infrastructure, data, applications. For the integration of infrastructure, application development, databases and management tools are required more skills and leadership than that of engineers or developers. Architects are necessary in preparing of action plans for products so IT professionals and system engineers can build base so developers or engineers were able to focus on design and development process of applications.

Travel Apps

UI Design

We will provide you with outstanding, creative and user friendly design of user interface of different applications. We are able to create design of websites, mobile and desktop applications following your needs and wishes.


Code Review

Code review or code inspection is a systematic verification of the source code of program in order to detect and correct errors that go unnoticed in initial phase of development.

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure Development and Support

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Many web, mobile and desktop applications owners believe by mistake that their work ends after they came to the first position in search engines or became popular. Nevertheless, this is nothing more than a common delusion.

Every application whether it is a website, mobile or desktop needs not only to be constantly updated, but it is necessary to have a real-time protection against hacking and malware.


Code optimization is a various code conversion methods for improvement of its performance and efficiency. Among optimization purposes, you can specify reducing of code amount, memory usage, acceleration of software, reducing number of input and output operations.

Meeting the Staff


Our team will provide our clients with such Outstaff services as professional developers, team leads, project management. We are opened for searching and hiring best developers upon your needs. RemSoft.Dev is always clear with our customers so you will get what is payed for.

Computer Office Work


Our expertize will let you save costs and find additional resources to finish your current project or tasks by outsourcing your work to our developers. Besides, when starting a new project with us you'll receive high level professional feedback and evaluation of your idea and needs.

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IT Consulting

You will receive all necessary information about most suitable technologies and how they will enchance your business capabilities.