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Our Portfolios

AppyPay Project_edited.png

AppyPay is a leading provider of payment solutions for websites and apps in Angola. It enables online and in-person retailers, subscription businesses, software platforms and marketplaces, and more to accept payments from various sources. AppyPay also offers a user-friendly portal that can be accessed from any browser and any device.

Our .NET team was involved in the development process from the beginning. Our team lead followed scrum methodology, worked with the business owner to define business goals, and assigned tasks to developers. Our team collaborated with business analysts, QA team and banks.

We successfully created a payment gateway that integrates different banks and payment systems, making AppyPay a pioneer in the industry.

Technologies: DevOps, .Net, Back-End, Front-End, Web, Blazor, API
Team size: 10 developers

Is a software platform that helps taxi operators improve their efficiency, service quality, and profitability. It uses advanced algorithms to find the best routes for each car, taking into account real-time traffic conditions, passenger location, trip cost, and trip combination. It also supports special needs of passengers with disabilities and other preferences. 

RemSoft.Dev team was involved in the development of Hermes from the ground up. We provided infrastructure solutions, requirements analysis, and development plans, following Agile methodology. We successfully delivered all the objectives and met the expectations of the client.

Technologies: DevOps, .Net, Back-End, Front-End, Web, Blazor, Auto tests
Team size: 8 developers


RemSoft.Dev team developed web and desktop applications from scratch that work with BigData and handle high loads. The system computes the optimal configuration of the voltage transformer based on the input and output parameters. During the computations, the applications perform trillions of calculations, generating hundreds of gigabytes of logs and data in the database.
We encountered many challenges during the development process, such as concurrency, multithreading, asynchronous operations, and high-load disk and database operations. We successfully solved all the challenges by implementing various performance enhancements to meet the customer's requirements.

Technologies: DevOps, .NET, Back-End, Front-End, Web, Angular
Team size: 3 developers

Casino payment projectct

Casino payment project.png

The project faced several challenges in terms of performance, such as high consumption of CPU/RAM/DISK, inefficient database queries, manual production deployment, and lack of SOLID/DRY principles in the code. RemSoft.Dev team took charge of improving the code quality, eliminating duplication, designing a new scalable architecture, migrating the project from on-premise to the cloud, updating the code, and implementing DevOps: configuring environments for different roles, automating scripts and code fixes, creating pipelines on Octopus Deploy, managing versions and resolving security issues. In addition, one of our developers acted as a team leader for 2 developers, BE and FE, and 2 QAs. He also communicated with the client side to deliver the best solution. The project is an internal system and does not have a public link.

Technologies: DevOps, .NET, Back-End, Front-End, Web, Unit tests, Selenium tests
Team size: 8 developers

Veloxy Project.png

Our client's project was a challenging one, requiring us to develop a comprehensive platform with multiple components and integrations. We delivered native mobile apps, desktop, web extensions, and a web CRM for sales representatives, all integrated with Salesforce. We also developed plugins for Gmail-chrome, Outlook, Office 365 (cross-platform), IOS, and Android applications. In addition, the platform included two websites, one with the same functionality as the plugins, and another one for advanced analytics. We are proud of our work and the successful outcome of this complex project.

Technologies: Net, Back-End, Office Add-In, Objective-C, Java Android
Team size: 12 developers

Clawskeyboard project.png

This is the result of our hard work and dedication. We created this product from scratch, from the initial concept to the final design. We handled every aspect of the development process, including the mockups, PCB, testing, online shop, configurator, DevOps, and production. We went through many stages of development and now we are ready to launch our product after almost four years of development.

Technologies: .NET, Back-End, Front-End, Web, Blazor
Team size: 5 developer

VR/AR Project


Our team at RemSoft.Dev worked on developing internal sites for various VR and AR projects. Our client had a vision of creating immersive experiences for outdoor games, music festivals, real estate, and more. We helped them achieve their goals by building a series of lightweight CMS systems that could manage the content for different locations and teams. We also handled the business analysis, the project management, and the infrastructure setup. Our client was very satisfied with the outcome and their customers can now enjoy these amazing applications!

Technologies: .Net, Back-End, Front-End, Web, Blazor, API, ASP MVC
Team size: 5 developers


The RemSoft.Dev team has been working hard to deliver high-quality software solutions for our clients. In the past month, we have implemented several new business features, such as invoice generation, customer feedback, and data analysis. We have also conducted a thorough code review and refactoring to improve the performance, readability, and maintainability of our codebase. Additionally, we have fixed various bugs that were reported by our users and testers. Furthermore, we have created or updated several templates for our documentation, presentations, and reports. Finally, we have redesigned some of the user interfaces to make them more user-friendly and appealing. We are proud of our achievements and we look forward to sharing them with you soon.

Technologies: DevOps, .NET, Back-End, Front-End, Web, SiteCore
Team size: 10 developers

Kentima Project.png

Kentima is an innovative company that develops, manufactures and sells advanced products for the automation and security industry. Their customers place very high demands on reliability, functionality and integration possibilities, which also place high demands on us as a product development company. 

The RemSoft.Dev team has been working hard to deliver new and improved features for our clients. Some of the highlights of the latest update include:

- New business features that enhance the functionality and usability of our software, such as data analysis, reporting, and automation tools.
- Code review and refactoring to ensure the quality, performance, and security of our codebase, as well as to follow the best practices and standards of the industry.
- Bug fixes that resolve various issues and errors reported by our users or detected by our testing team.
- Template creation and update to provide more options and flexibility for customizing the appearance and layout of our software.
- Redesign of the user interface and user experience to make our software more intuitive, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing.

We hope you enjoy the new features and improvements, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Thank you for choosing RemSoft.Dev as your software partner.

Technologies: DevOps, .NET, Back-End, Front-End, Web, SiteCore
Team size: 10 developers

ADGM project.png

ADGM's purpose is in creating a world-class business environment that nurtures growth, fosters innovation, and supports economic diversification in alignment with Abu Dhabi's vision for the future.

The RemSoft.Dev team collaborated on a new project from scratch for ADGM group. Our role was to provide server topology consultancy, explore Sitecore 9 features, install, deploy, publish, set up CI/CD, create PS and cake scripts for CI/CD and local setup, configure Octopus / TeamCity, and train other developers on how to use Hyperv and VMs.

Technologies: .NET, Back-End, SiteCore, Web, DevOps
Team size: 20 developers

Brompton Project.png

Brompton is the largest volume bicycle manufacturer in Britain,producing approximately 50,000 bicycles each year. The company's bicycles are also available for hire.

The RemSoft.Dev team had a variety of tasks, such as providing long term support to clients, developing new features for the software, refactoring the code base, optimizing the performance of the system and consulting on best practices.

Technologies: .NET, Back-End, Front-End, Web, SiteCore
Team size: 10 developers

Spirent Project.png

Spirent is the leading global provider of automated test and assurance solutions for networks, cybersecurity, and positioning.. The RemSoft.Dev team worked on implementing the new design that the front-end team had prepared. We developed new sitecore controls, created layouts and views, created and synced items using TDS, updated production servers, and fixed bugs.

Technologies: DevOps, .NET, Back-End, Front-End, Web, SiteCore
Team size: 3 developers

Cox Automotive Project.png

Cox Automotive leaders have their hands firmly on the pulse of the automotive industry, with unmatched expertise in vehicle remarketing services, and digital and software solutions for automotive dealers. Their dedication, drive and commitment to improving the automotive industry serve as a guiding force as we continue to transform the way the world buys, sells, owns and uses vehicles.

Our developer from RemSoft.Dev participated in a new project for a Canadian client. The project was a start-up venture that offered instant cash for eligible cars. The project challenged the developers to work with an international team across different time zones. The project had high standards, but our developer handled them well. The team used various modern methods and achieved a successful outcome.

Technologies: C#, ASP.NET Core (Web API), Entity Framework Core, MySQL, Rally, AWS, SonarQube, GitHub Enterprise
Team size: 10 developers

The Geological Society Project.webp

Their goals are to advance knowledge and understanding of the Earth, to promote education and awareness of the Earth sciences, and to promote professional excellence and ethical standards in the work of Earth scientists for the public good.

The RemSoft.Dev team had multiple roles in the project, such as providing long term support, developing new features, improving the code quality, enhancing the performance and advising the clients.

Technologies: .NET, Back-End, Front-End, Web, SiteCore
Team size: 5 developers

The Gap Partnership Project.png

The Gap Partnership is a management consultancy specialising in negotiation. We help organisations drive profitability, increase efficiency and reduce cost. 

In a time of global upheaval, effective negotiation is more important than ever. Whether you are dealing with a merger, managing trade union agreements, repairing disrupted supply chains, or navigating a new commercial reality, negotiation is an essential skill for guaranteed success.

The RemSoft.Dev team had a variety of tasks, such as providing long term support to clients, developing new features for the software, refactoring the code base, improving the performance of the system and offering consulting services to potential customers.

Technologies: .NET, Back-End, Front-End, Web, SiteCore
Team size:  2 developers

Kinetico Project.png

The American company Kinetico invented an innovative, non-electric two-column water softener, which was introduced to the international market 50 years ago and it still remains the best technology!

The RemSoft.Dev team had multiple roles in the project, such as providing long term support, developing new features, improving the code quality, enhancing the performance and advising the clients.

Technologies: .NET, Back-End, Front-End, Web, SiteCore
Team size: 3 developers

GrowthZone project.png

Their first commercial product, ChamberMaster, was developed specifically for chambers of commerce and released in 2004 as the first available SaaS (software as a service) solution. At the numerous requests of trade and industry associations, the company subsequently developed MemberZone, and then GrowthZone specifically for the market of associations.
RemSoft.Dev team was responsible for long term support, implementing new features, refactoring, performance optimization and consulting.

Technologies: .NET, Back-End, Front-End, Web, SiteCore
Team size: 15 developers


PredicAble is a software solution that enables users who have reading and writing skills, but have lost their ability to speak due to various conditions, such as cerebral palsy, motor neurone disease, laryngectomy, stroke, apraxia or brain injury. PredicAble allows users to communicate their thoughts and needs by typing words or selecting phrases on a virtual keyboard. The application then converts the text into speech that can be heard by others. PredicAble also features word prediction, customization options and accessibility settings to suit different user preferences and needs.

RemSoft.Dev is a software development company that specializes in creating and maintaining applications for people with communication difficulties. RemSoft.Dev has been working on PredicAble since its inception and has been responsible for long term support, implementing new features, refactoring, performance optimization and ensuring the quality and reliability of the software. RemSoft.Dev is committed to providing the best possible service and user experience for PredicAble users.

Technologies: C#, .NET, Windows 10 SDK, Tobii Eyetracking hardware
Team size: 3 developers


THE HOUSE OF WILLIAMS is a website that offers a wide range of wedding rings and jewellery for couples who are planning to tie the knot. Whether you are looking for a classic, modern, or custom design, you can find it on THE HOUSE OF WILLIAMS You can also browse through their blog for tips and inspiration on how to choose the perfect ring for your partner. THE HOUSE OF WILLIAMS is more than just a website, it is a guide to help you celebrate your love and commitment.

The RemSoft.Dev team played a crucial role in enhancing the software product. They improved the design to make it more user-friendly and attractive, fixed bugs to ensure the functionality and reliability of the software, and implemented new features to meet the changing needs and expectations of the customers.

Used technologies: JavaScript, HTML5, Bootstrap, ASP.NE, Microsoft SQL Server
Team size: 2 developers

Finance Logix Project.webp

Finance Logix® platform is a collection of client facing financial planning tools that emphasizes client acquisition and retention through education and graphical representation of planning scenarios. The financial planning products provide the appropriate financial modeling sophistication, and complexity in a client facing, intuitive platform. The speed and agility of the “what-if” results and the use of dynamic sliders is unmatched in the industry. Finance Logix is a visual, dynamic and comprehensive product built on a complex and scalable financial engine used by large enterprises to deliver financial advice for over 10 years.

The RemSoft.Dev team had several tasks to accomplish, such as resolving bugs, adding new features, deploying stable versions to the server, and developing a login functionality. They worked diligently and efficiently to meet the deadlines and deliver high-quality software products.

Used technologies: C#, ASP.NET MVC 4+, MSSQL, WCF, AJAX, JS, CSS3, HTML5, T-Sql, Web Forms
Team size: 5 developers

Regus Project.png

Regus offers flexible andcustomizedsolutions that suit the needs of different businesses andhelp them thrive in a global business community.As a web developer for Regus, I worked on a network of workspaces that enabledcustomers to work wherever they neededto be in a productive, professional environment. Our responsibility was to fix bugs, implement new features, andcreate documentation andunit tests for the website.The main goal was to finish a completely new site version before the launch.This goal was successfully achieved, andthe client was satisfied.

Used technologies: Front-End, Angular, Unit tests, .Net
Team size: 9 developers


cleverDome, is an Arizona and Silicon Valley-based Corporation (B Corporation), and members and clients include managed security service providers, software service vendors, custodians, broker/dealers, registered investment advisers, financial advisors, and ultimately their investor clients.

Long term support, implementing new features, refactoring, performance optimization 9 months long
Used technologies: Net, Full-Stack, Web
Team size: 7 developers


SDC Verifier is an engineering software to perform verification according to standards. A lot of routines is automated with help of recognition, post-processing tools, and report generator. The structures can be checked against fatigue, member checks, and plate buckling according to predefined standards: ANSI/AISC 360-10, API 2A RP, DIN 15018, Eurocode 3 Fatigue, Eurocode3 Member Checks, ISO 19902, Norsok N004, Plate Buckling ABS 2004, Plate Buckling ABS 2014, Plate Buckling DNV RP-C201 2010, Plate Buckling DNV CN30/1995 and Custom Standard.

SDC Verifier is a versatile tool for various structural design and engineering applications. It helps users to verify their structures according to industry standards and regulations, and to provide support for tenders and certifications. It also enables users to optimize the design, safety, and cost of different types of structures, such as buildings, oil rigs, ships, cranes, planes, and other equipment. SDC Verifier works with the most powerful Finite Element Analysis solutions (such as ANSYS, Femap, and Simcenter 3D) and its own code-checking software SDC Verifier.

Used technologies: C#, LINQ, .NET Framework, WPF (MVVM Pattern), WinForms, Git
Team size:10+ developers


ePlast is a global network of people who share a common vision and mission. The ePlast platform enables them to connect with each other and access the resources of the organization. The platform offers various features, such as online registration, membership management, member directory, and news and information dissemination via email and SMS. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, secure, and reliable.

Used technologies: C#, Saas, TypeScript, .NET Core 5, Git, Azure, MySql
Team size:5 developers

Health care project

This project was a challenging and rewarding experience for me. I was part of a large team that worked on developing a solution for the health care system domain. My main tasks involved processing and analyzing PDF documents, which had different formats depending on the version. I had to understand the structure and content of each document and extract relevant information from them. I also worked with XML documents and their storage in a MS SQL database. I used various tools and techniques to manipulate and query the data. Additionally, I created a local project for the same product using Blazor WASM, a web framework that allows building interactive web applications. The product was designed to store and manage other documents on Azure File Share, a cloud service that provides file sharing capabilities. I learned a lot from this project and improved my skills in different areas.

Used technologies: Azure FIle share, work with files and different formats .Pdf, .xdoc, xml
Team size:5 developers


On this project, we did: Payment Integration (PayPal): A significant milestone has been achieved with the successful integration of PayPal, a crucial addition that expands payment options and empowers users with secure and convenient transactions. This achievement underscores our determination to provide a comprehensive and accessible platform.

Enhanced Credit Product: A testament to our continuous efforts to improve, our team has successfully enhanced the credit product, offering users a more robust and versatile financial tool. This enhancement not only exemplifies our dedication to refining existing features but also emphasizes our commitment to delivering value.

Launch of New Retail Project: The successful launch of a new retail project marks a strategic step forward in our project's evolution. This expansion into the retail sector demonstrates our agility and versatility, catering to a broader audience while adhering to our core principles of quality and innovation.

Project Localization: Our commitment to a global user base is reinforced by our efforts in project localization. By offering a localized experience, we aim to bridge linguistic and cultural gaps, ensuring that our platform is accessible and relatable to users around the world.

Optimization of Software and API Requests: The meticulous optimization of software and API requests stands as a testament to our technical prowess and dedication to efficiency. By reducing bottlenecks and enhancing responsiveness, we elevate the user experience to unprecedented levels.

Used technologies: c# + angularjs + mssql( additional git,jira,ci/cd)
Team size:5 developers

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